LAND2 research network, UK

Performance.Experience.Presence. research group, Plymouth University

My process begins with walking; I wander through the modern environment and record the deep topography using video, drawings and writing. I consider the absurd juxtapositions of modern life; interrupted lines of thought, car journeys, the banality of advertising, local story, personal mythologies. From these sources I make paintings, films and other artworks. Much of my work is about orientation: psychological and physical, and in space and time. I am interested in wild urban space, the cracks in the pavement the gaps and in between spaces. I am affected by layers of peeling paint, creeping lichen, distressed billboards and discarded shopping lists. I record the trajectory of a bird in flight and a crisp packet swirling on a gust of wind.

I am an artist, educator and researcher living in the South West of the UK. I am a part-time PhD candidate in the performance of Plymouth University.I teach painting and drawing, and am an associate lecturer at Plymouth College of Art.