I will be at this event, to document it 
using a mix of photography, writing and drawing. 

I will be presenting a paper on the theme of 
'A Bestiary for the Anthropocene'
at this conference in Sheffield on the 8th September 2017.

Happy to announce that my 'Crossing England' drawings have been accepted for the 'Embodied Cartographies' exhibition at the Fringe Arts Bath Festival, 26 May -11 June... details to follow.

I will be talking about my practice at this event in London this July.

Performance, Experience, Presence
A chance to hear Dr Kayla Parker and myself talk about our research practices at Plymouth University this week: 
Wednesday 2 March 2016
16.30 - 18.00pm in RLB 309 
The papers will be presented by Kayla Parker and Helen Billinghurst. Abstracts and titles for both are below!
Helen Billinghurst:
"Flux within the studio space: exploring the rhythms and cycles of art-making in the art studio"
In this paper I explore how the studio operates as a space to perform the activities of art-making. I show how corporeal movement can be part of process in which a practitioner enters the state of ‘flow’, and discuss how artists such as Walter de Maria and Bruce Nauman have created artworks by intentionally framing these physical ‘pre-flow’ activities. Drawing from my own experience, I consider how embodied rhythms are part of the interplay between daily domestic cycles and those of studio practice, and the repercussions that these dynamics have had on some of the practical aspects of making artworks. Finally, I explore how the studio functions as a protected space where it is possible to move from a state of ‘not knowing’ to one of ‘making meaning’, via the physical activities of making in the studio.
Dr Kayla Parker:
"On location: (re)visiting the past" 
This paper shares initial outcomes of my recent scoping trips to sites in the Devon landscape, for a new project that explores embodied feminisms in relation to the land, guided by the artist’s book, Escaping Notice, published by Annabel Nicolson in 1977. A significant figure of the British feminist avant-garde of the 1970s, who operated across a range of practices from performance to expanded cinema and experimental music, Nicolson put her female body and the performed tasks of domestic labour in an ‘other’ place, to create hybrid concepts and paradoxical notions that both reveal and conceal the feminine in and out of place.

Illuminating peer review held at the home of Kate Paxman and Dave Harbott, Buckfastleigh, 30/11/2015. 
Many thanks to all artists present for their helpful and constructive input.